The McAulay Projects



Shed is a side project about other peoples side projects. Stewart Ainslie and myself wanted a little project to collaborate on and this is what we came up with. We set out to investigate what others were doing in their free time and aimed to produce a piece of work to showcase each project that interested us.

The logo was well designed by Mark Kemp and the rest of it gets poorly designed at a glacial pace by Stewart and myself. Issue 1 is shown here. We produced 30 copies and distributed them in various places. I have no idea where at least 25 of them ended up. Got one? let me know.

Doing a side project with a colleague is a fantastic way to learn from each other and to see what makes you both tick. We learned a lot about each other, including how lazy we can both be.

There is no fixed format to shed. Although the first issue was a double sided sheet of factory yellow colorplan, each issue/version/episode/explosion can be in any format we determine. Got a side project you want us to feature? Get in touch.