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Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper

Generative christmas wrapping paper, it's absolutely foul. I was messing around in processing one day when the idea hit me. What's not to like?

First I needed some christmasy shapes. Illustrator is my tool of choice for these things and I created 3 festive icons to play with. I can of course add many more but honestly, i did use some restraint with this.

Next up, I thought about colour. I messed around with various palletes but in the end settled on something quite traditional…and suitably horrific.

Who doesn't love a bit of code? Over to processing to do the heavy lifting. Each sheet is (probably) unique.

And there we have it. I set up some output sizes to allow me to generate A3 sheets for printing. Coupled with some tags made by using each of the three icons, a visual festive treat is assured.